Stampare una casa non è più solo un sogno


Lo slogan recita: “Siamo sognatori, siamo realizzatori, siamo makers. Partiamo dalle stampanti 3D per salvare il mondo.”

Infatti WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) Project non è solo una stampante 3D con cui realizzare prototipi in casa ma è qualcosa di più. Il team capitanato da Massimo Moretti ha gettato le basi per realizzare un sogno: stampare case in 3D.

La stampante da loro realizzata si può smontare e trasportare in un semplice furgone dove si vuole e in 24 ore sarà capace di dare una casa a chi l’ha persa per una calamità naturale o costruirla per chi vuole vivere in un edificio sostenibile costruito con materiali a chilometri zero.

Target Point, Italian Ideas

CSP was founded in 2003 from a 10-year experience of founder Massimo Moretti gained in the world of electronics and mechanics. The company develops innovative projects: continuous research and state of the art are the cornerstones of a work that is based on the desire to leave a better world than one has found and on trust in the technology behind sustainable progress.

And that is how WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was created in 2012. A project focused on developing 3D printing and that finds its roots in the world of Open-source, trying to give and put into circulation know-how and tools. WASP manufactures solid professional printers with the aim to encourage sustainable development and in-house production. These are the reasons that lead to continuous research on materials to be extruded, a road that led to ceramic and porcelain printing.

The aim of WASP is to build ‘zero-mile’ homes, using materials found on the surrounding area. A similar project requires that the machine be portable and features low energy consumption, since in large areas of the planet, there is no electricity at all. It must therefore be able to use renewable energies such as sun, wind and water. The six-meters-tall Big Delta that WASP has currently built can be assembled in about an hour by just three people and can be powered by a few meters of solar panels.

Target Point, Italian Ideas


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